The Pack Leashes Model Program




Congratulations on being invited into our model program! Our model program was created to bring as much value as possible to those who rep our brand. So, on top of the lifetime warranty that comes with every Bestie Bracelet combo set, every leash, and every collar (yes, you will only need to buy one for the rest of your life), and the 2 pounds of dog food donated to no-kill shelters for every sale, you will get the following:


35% off all purchases 

20% friends and family discount code

20% commission on all sales made with your code


Your photos are shared between @packleashes AS WELL as @packleashesadventures to a total of over 390,000 dog lovers!

All that we need once you have purchased an item with your 35% off code is an email with your requested Friends & Family discount code- commission payments are on the 1st and 15th of every month. Then just send us your photos for us to post whenever you'd like, we have no requirement as to how often you must send photos!


For more information about the program, please read below:

35% off all purchases  - Our respective talent scouts should have already given you this code privately- we don’t like to post it on our site for non-models to see

20% friends and family discount code (You get to create your code too! Just email us ( with what you’d like your code to be and we’ll let you know if it is available)** 

20% commission on all sales made with your code. We will track when your code gets used, and send you a payment for your commissions earned. This means that for every sale made with your unique code- YOU will get a payout!

We will pay your commissions earned by issuing a refund to your original order with us (this is essentially a direct deposit), so we don't need a Paypal/Venmo unless you exceed your original order value. This refund will show on your bank statement a few days after the commission has been issued. Commissions are paid twice a month. If you prefer Paypal just let us know and we can do that first!


*An initial purchase with the 35% discount is required for models so you have gear to rock in photos that we will post on our social media, along with something to show your friends and family! Send us an email ( to set up an ambassador code!

**For every sale made with your personal model discount code, we will donate 4 pounds of dog food instead of 2. We donate dog food rather than a percentage of profits so our customers know we actually help dogs, because companies have ways to skew profit margins so that they effectively do not make any donations- be weary of this! We have already donated over 30,000 pounds of dog food!

If you have any more questions, simply ask your respective talent scout or email us at - We can't wait for you to Join the Pack!!