5 Easy Tips and Tricks For Training Your New Puppy

September 27, 2018

5 Easy Tips and Tricks For Training Your New Puppy


 The day has finally arrived!! You’ve brought home the puppy you’ve ALWAYS wanted! First thing’s first - If you value your shoes (or literally anything than can be subject to ruthless puppy teeth,) it’s time to get to training. Train your pup before your pup trains you!



Here are some quick tips to help get you started on your successful training journey:


1. Decide Your House Rules - Consistency is Key! 

Make sure you have your rules in place before you start training your puppy, it will make it easier for both of you if your puppy laws are written in stone! Is he allowed on the furniture or on your bed? Are there certain rooms that are off limits? Does he have his own place at the dinner table? It’s important to be steady in your guidance in order to not confuse your new furry friend!


2. Provide the Right Amount of Exercise and Play Time 

Your puppy is basically a fluffy ball of energy! Dogs in general become destructive when they’re bored. Grab yourself a nice collar and leash and keep your puppy active – this is also great for an early start to leash training and spending quality time with your new best friend!


3. Keep in Mind That Your Puppy’s Attention Span is Short

When you see your puppy doing something he's not supposed to, implement your training technique right then and there! If he pees on the carpet, he’s not going to understand why he’s being admonished if it’s 10 minutes later. Your puppy needs to associate the correction with the behavior!



4. Use Positive Reinforcement 

Using treats, words of praise, and giving all of the pats when your puppy follows the rules will encourage him to WANT to continue training and behave properly! If your puppy is chewing something he’s not supposed to, replace that item with one of his toys, show him what he’s supposed to be doing and continue to reinforce it. Puppies respond to body language – if you’re anxious or angry your puppy can sense it! Always keep training fun and encouraging.     


5. Create a Safe Space for Your Puppy 

Whether it’s a crate or a nook in your home, make sure your puppy has his very own safe place – this is imperative to his sense of comfort and feeling of security! Have a nice soft bed and blankets and toys to help your puppy enjoy his space and want to spend time there!



    Congratulations on your new puppy - they will pawsitively change your life! 

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