Dog Park Etiquette

December 14, 2020

Dog Park Etiquette

Who doesn’t love going to the dog park, doggos and humans alike?! Here are some very important park regulations to to keep everyone in the dog park happy and healthy!


Pick Up After Your Pooch

Not only is dog waste stinky and not fun to step in, there are a lot of diseases and parasites that live in dog poo that other dogs can contract if they touch it. Always have plenty of poop bags on hand! Unfortunately many dogs have an affinity for poo. YUCK!


Make Sure Your Dog Is Up To Date On Vaccinations


It’s a general rule that all dogs visiting the dog park must be up to date on their vaccinations. A dog who hasn’t been vaccinated is susceptible to all types of diseases that are prevalent at dog parks – it’s never worth the risk!


Leave The Food At Home

 Food is a driving force for a lot of dogs, given they’re motivated and rewarded with treats! Bringing food into a dog park can be an unpleasant experience for everyone - Not only could your food get stolen out of your hand, but also some dogs are food aggressive. The snacks can wait!


Pay Attention

 Make sure to keep an eye on your pup at all times – put down your phone and stay attentive as you chat. Not only is this important in order to clean up after your dog when they go number two, but supervision is also necessary in case any sort of aggression breaks out.


Don't Bring Young Puppies To The Park

Puppies under 12 weeks aren’t fully immunized yet, so are at a higher risk for contracting diseases. Your puppy will have plenty of park play in due time!


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