How To Clean Your PACK Gear – Easy As “A-B-C”

How To Clean Your PACK Gear – Easy As “A-B-C”  

Now that you have your brand new gear, you may be wondering the best way to clean them. Dirty dogs are usually a sign of a good time, so we've made our products as easy to keep clean as possible!



Here’s a quick step-by-step guide to help keep your things looking Fresh & Fashionable:


1. Leashes – Remove the Carabiner

Quick Guide:

Hand-rinse the rope with soap in a sink or tub, refill the sink or tub with clean water and rinse, hang your leash to dry.           

In-Depth Guide:

A) Our Leashes are meant to be water-proof, so if your leash gets REALLY dirty from your latest adventure, we recommend filling a sink or bathtub with warm water, and add light soap as needed. Gently move the leash around, and run the leash through your hands. This should only take a few minutes.

B) Once your leash is cleaned to your liking, refill your sink or bathtub with clean water and rinse thoroughly.

C) Make sure to let your leash dry. It is as easy as hanging your leash up on a door or a clothes hanger. This is important to keep its strength, and ensure that no foreign bodies begin to grow!



2. Harnesses and Paracord Collars

Quick Guide:

 Hand-rinse with soap under running water, rinse out the soap, hang your harness and collar to dry.

In-Depth Guide:

A) Our Harnesses and Paracord Collars are meant to be light-weight and easy to clean! Clean your harnesses and paracord collars under warm water, rinsing it with some gentle soap. A brush can be used for extra dirty spots!

B) Continue with running warm water, and rinse out the soap. If your harness and collar are not yet to your liking, go back to Step-A.

C) Let your harness and collar hang to dry!



3. Bestie Bracelets

Quick Guide:

Wet cloth with warm water, gently clean the whole bracelet and collar, pat dry.

In-Depth Guide:

A) Our Bestie Products are not meant to get overly wet or dirty (which makes cleaning even easier!) Get a soft cloth and wet it with warm water. No need to use soap.

B) Gently rub the cloth over the Collar and Bracelet, getting off any little dirt spots that you notice. It is important to remember not to rub too hard, as this could cause some damage to your Bestie Products.

C) Pat dry with a dry, soft cloth. Make sure to get your bracelet and collar completely dry to keep them in the best condition!



Our Pack Products are built to be easy to clean, while still withstanding daily use! Its as easy as following these steps, and if you have any more questions always feel free to reach out :)

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