Tips For a New Dog Owner

February 16, 2021

Tips For a New Dog Owner

Bringing a new dog home can be super exciting, but also very nerve wracking! Here are some suggestions for keeping you and your new pup calm, cool and collected.


Gather Supplies

As a new dog owner, you first and foremost need to gather basic supplies for your new pupper! Some staple materials for any dog include: a crate, a dog bed, a food and water bowl, a leash and collar with a tag, a pet gate if necessary, and most importantly – TOYS! These necessities will set up your new fur baby for success!


Establish Rules Ahead of Time

This is especially important if there are multiple people in your household who will be training your new pup. In order to not confuse your furry companion, all house rules need to be agreed upon ahead of time! This way there is consistency in teaching manners and your dog will have proper house etiquette in no time. As always, treats are encouraged!


Dog Proof Everything

Electrical cords, cleaning supplies and fragile items are important to consider when you bring a new dog home! Tuck or tape electrical cords to prevent chewing, and keep cleaning supplies in a pup proof cabinet or on higher shelves. Also keep valuables inaccessible to your dog - Puppy curiosity and wagging tails pose a threat to fragile items!


Find a Vet / Microchip and Register Your Pup

Something to act on right away when you get a new pup is finding a local vet. It’s best to be prepared for anything, and taking your new dog in ASAP for a check up is always a great idea. Microchipping and registering your pup is highly recommended as well, for extra safety!


Enroll in a Training Class

Puppy and dog training classes are not only helpful, but super fun and entertaining for everyone involved! Who doesn’t want to see a bunch of cute pups playing and learning together?! Classes can help socialize your dog and teach them basic obedience skills – this will definitely come in handy!

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