Top Five Fruits and Veggies For Your Hungry Pup

September 09, 2019

Top Five Fruits and Veggies For Your Hungry Pup

When it comes to fruits and veggies for your pup, some are definitely better than others. What dog doesn’t like some good and juicy fruit and veggies after a long walk with their Pack Leashes gear anyway?



An apple a day may just keep the vet away considering they’re jam packed with powerful antioxidants and a ton of vitamin C. Just make sure that you remove all the seeds from the apple before you give it to your fur baby!



Dogs love blueberries and they SHOULD! Blueberries have ultra high levels of resveratrol which holds anti-cancer and heart disease fighting qualities. It’s also been found that blueberries decrease the possibility of your pup getting a urinary tract infection. Overall, most good boys and girls would rate blueberries 14/10 for all of the above.



Our first choice of veggie for doggos is asparagus! Cut it into bite size pieces and you’ll be delivering vitamins K, A, B1, B2, C, and E straight into your bestie’s system. From there, just get some vitamin D from the sun and you’re good to go!



Of course we had to holler at our main leafy green spinach, not just for the iron but also its ability to fend off cardiovascular issues along with certain forms of cancer. While some dogs may not absolutely LOVE spinach, if you have a pup that does- feed it to them from time to time!



Cantaloupe helps a dogs eyesight kind of like how carrots help a humans, pretty cool- right?! It’s because of the active chemical in them called beta carotene. But it doesn’t stop there! There is a ton of B-6 and vitamin C in there along with folate and potassium. Just make sure your pup doesn’t eat any of the rind (just the inside melon!)

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