Traveling With Your Dog

December 22, 2019

Traveling With Your Dog

Road tripping with your favorite furry companion? Follow these directions to ensure a safe and comfortable trip!


Keep Your Pup Secure

 If you’re traveling by car, consider either keeping your dog in a crate or using a doggie seat belt. Having your dog free roaming around the car is not only dangerous for them, but also for you! Think about it – if you know you're safest when buckled up, so is your pup!


Take Plenty of Breaks

Make sure that you’re taking enough rest stops to let your doggo take potty breaks and stretch their legs. Long car rides can be boring, for humans and dogs alike! The break will be nice for both of you, and lots of rest areas have designated dog walk areas for your convenience.


Never Leave Your Dog Alone In the Car

This is a super important one! Heat is a very serious danger for dogs in cars – the temperature in your car is much higher than the temperature outside. It can rise very quickly in a short period of time. This heat is very dangerous for dogs and can have serious consequences. Cracking the windows won’t cut it!


Make Sure Your Dog Has Proper Identification

In the worst case scenario that your pup gets away from you while traveling, make sure that they have a sturdy leash and collar on them. Your pup’s collar should have their name, your name, your phone number, and proof of rabies shots. Microchips are also always a good idea!


Moderate Food and Water

Keep in mind that your dog may travel better on an empty stomach – this can avoid car sickness! Each dog is unique, so the more you travel with your dog, the better you’ll know if this is an issue. However, make sure that your dog has access to water for the entirety of the trip! You can shop our Pack Bowl here!



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