How To Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors

March 30, 2019 1 Comment

How To Keep Your Dog Entertained Indoors

An active dog and bad weather can be a recipe for disaster! Dogs don’t have Netflix to keep them entertained like us humans do, so they’re bound to get bored and restless when they’re unable to go outside due to rain, snow, heat, etc.  Fear not! Knowing how to keep your dog mentally stimulated can be a lifesaver during days spent inside! 



Here are five ways to keep your dog entertained on days where it's necessary to stay indoors:


1. Treats

This one is might seem like a given, but there are actually a few options to keep your dog busy with treats! Throw your dog a bone! A rawhide, bone, or chew toy can suffice in some situations, but if your dog needs a little more of a challenge, there are more options! There are lots of toys out there that make your dog work to get treats out - they hold most treats/peanut butter/whatever your pup’s snack of choice may be! This is not only time consuming but also mentally stimulating for your pup. You can even do a quick google search of how to make one at home with a tennis ball!


2. Toys

Whether your dog likes playing with toys on their own or loves a good game of tug of war, it’s always a good idea to have plenty of toys on hand when your pup can’t go outside and run around. Maybe even a little fetch in the house, if you’re up for it! Pro tip: remove any valuables from fetch area.                             

3. Hide and Seek

A game of Hide and Seek can actually be REALLY fun, for both you and your dog. It’s not for every pup, but it’s worth giving it a shot! Dogs naturally like to sniff things out and their favorite human is no exception! Distract your dog with a treat or with the help of another person, go hide somewhere, and give a whistle (behind doors is always a good option!) Your dog will either get it or… they won’t. If your dog likes hide and seek, they’ll learn quickly!


4. Mental Stimulation Games

There are plenty of fun games for your dog that you can either purchase at a pet store or even make at home! It can be as simple as hiding a treat under one of three cups and seeing if your dog can guess which cup it’s under after shuffling them around. It will be entertaining for both of you, whether your dog is good at it or not! You can also hide treats around the house and have your pup sniff them out – this is a great challenge and super easy!


5. Trick Training

Being stuck inside is the perfect time for teaching your pup some new tricks! You can either master the basics, such as sit, down, and stay, or you can try out some new more challenging tricks if your dog already has those down! Roll over and donut (aka your dog spins in a circle!) are some of our personal favorites. There are lots of ideas and tips on how to train your dog new tricks all over the internet – the options are endless! PS – you can definitely teach an old dog new tricks. Have a genius dog? Teach them piano.



While lame weather can be a bit of a bummer for both you and your pupper, it can be a really great opportunity for bonding and trying out new exercises with your dog. Try some of these out – you won’t be disappointed!



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Kathi Morrison
Kathi Morrison

October 31, 2019

Trick training is how we entertained our dogs during bad weather and this summer when it was too hot. Now its mostly an everyday thing. Piper is a piano player (we are working on songs). @my_corgi_dogs (IG)

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